Space Force commander sacked after claiming US military is under assault from ‘neo-Marxist’ critical race theory

The commander of a US Space Force unit has been removed from his leadership role following a podcast appearance in which he claimed that ‘Marxist’ ideologies like critical race theory were undermining the military.  Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier made the provocative comments while speaking on ‘Information Operation’, a podcast hosted by conservative commentator and military veteran L. Todd Wood.


Lohmeier also criticized diversity and inclusion programs being implemented by the Department of Defense. He claimed that military personnel at his base were given reading materials that referred to the United States as a “white supremacist nation.”   He further claimed that “neo-Marxist thought” has been prevalent within the Democratic Party, and that conservatives are increasingly being targeted for their political views and are labeled as extremists.


Lohmeier isn’t the only military officer to raise alarm over alleged Marxist infiltration. Earlier this week, an open letter signed by more than 120 retired generals and admirals warned that the United States has “taken a hard left turn toward socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government.”

1 comment on Space Force commander sacked after claiming US military is under assault from ‘neo-Marxist’ critical race theory

  1. The Democratic Party will do to the U.S. military what the African National Congress did to the South African Defense Forces, Navy, and Air Force or ZANU PF did to the former British South African Defense Forces in Rhodesia after the end of White rule; to wit, purge them of White officers and enlisted men and women, in order to effectively cripple combat effectiveness vis a vis demographic replacement.

    The formerly mighty United States will be reduced to a Third World replica of Cuba with a Cuban-born head of DHS and a soon to be President Kamala Harris with her Jamaican roots to lead our nation on a path similar to that of Rhodesia after its defeat by economic sanctions from the West (and by guerrilla fighters backed by Cuba and North Korea). The U.S. will become Nuevo Zimbabwe with a devalued dollar, ironically with depictions of former white Presidents replaced by people with politically preferred pigmentation to better reflect the anti-white New World Order / Great Reset.

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