Some Facts You’re Not Hearing That Might Dampen Your Enthusiasm for a Shot of COVID-19 Vaccine

Michael Thau

In my previous column, we took a look at an alarming article by a professor of law from Stanford University that – though it appeared in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine – had nothing whatsoever to do with science.

Instead, it brazenly outlined a scheme to deprive anyone refusing the impending COVID-19 vaccine of their liberty and right to work without running afoul of any “legal challenges on procedural due-process grounds” – or, as they probably like to call it at Standford’s law school, ‘that pesky Fifth Amendment.’

But even putting aside any right you may have to decide which drugs get injected into your body, it’s hard to say whether the idea of forcing us to get vaccinated for COVID-19 is more frightening or nonsensical.

On the frightening side: Two of the leading contenders in the race to produce a vaccine are using experimental technology that artificially stimulates an immune response by… hold on to your seats… genetically altering your cells with RNA from the virus so they start producing proteins from its outer shell. Though it probably won’t be described this way in any ad campaign, it’s tough to see what’s inaccurate about saying mRNA technology works by genetically modifying you into a human-coronavirus hybrid.

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