Slow Boil

by Todd Hayen

Most people, historically, living under totalitarian rule are not that aware of the freedoms they have lost, or the dehumanizing power they live under. This control on a large populace was obviously achieved through government lies, confusions, departures from reality executed by the predominant media, censorship and the silencing of opposing voices—on and on.

Us shrews are very familiar with these tactics. The sheep don’t believe they exist, even when their little noses are rubbed in it. These tactics have worked brilliantly for centuries in various contexts. Yes, there have always been thinking, awake, shrews, but they are typically silenced, or eliminated, very quickly.

Sheep do whatever they can to avoid seeing the truth. Obviously they think they see it, and make a lot of noise about what they believe is true and why it is true. In this Covid situation typically the noise they make is about how “unscientific” the shrews are, yet in an argument, you seldom hear sheep talk about actual science.

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