Silent occupation: Are Zionists attempting to expand into Cyprus island?

TRT World

[A] couple months ago, the Cyprus Foundation issued a public warning regarding the threat posed by Israeli expansion in the region. In the statement highlighting “Israel’s occupation plan is not limited to Palestine,” it was emphasised that the “promised lands” drawn by the Zionists include not only Palestine but also the island of Cyprus. Therefore, the significant land acquisitions by Zionists in Northern Cyprus in recent times pose a serious threat to stability in the region.

“We warn the Turkish Cypriot people about land sales to Zionists and invite them to put an end to this ‘silent occupation’. As the Cyprus Foundation, rooted in national values, we express our willingness to cooperate with the governments of Türkiye and Northern Cyprus against this serious threat. Let Cyprus not become another Palestine!” declared the statement.

According to Ismail Bozkurt, a politician who is the former president of the Assembly of the TRNC, “there is a threat that cannot be overlooked anymore” regarding the growing Israeli presence in Cyprus island.


“Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, once declared Cyprus as the second sacred homeland after Palestine. Benjamin Netanyahu also asserts that they align their goals with their holy books, aspiring for the ideal of ‘the promised lands’. Consequently, our homeland is under significant threat, with Cyprus mirroring the events that unfolded in Palestine a century ago, hurtling towards a new catastrophe of displacement,” Ozturk underlines.


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