Resist Or Submit

Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog,
Sun, 06/21/2020

The government officials pushing to eliminate or defund police are slitting their own throats. The praetorians of any government—the police and military—are always just as corrupt as the government of which they are a part. However, the de facto first duty of the praetorians is to protect the government itself, and that becomes more paramount as the government becomes more corrupt. Appeasing violence by renouncing one’s defenses against it guarantees more violence and the eventual elimination of the renouncers, i.e. useful idiots.

It’s already happening in once great cities that have been governed by statist stooges for decades. Their governments are crumbling and the cities are dissolving into chaotic hellholes before their eyes. Many cities are already shunned by anyone seeking freedom and its fruits: individual rights, honest production, voluntary interaction, wealth, security, and peace.

City and state governments and the federal government are flat broke and technically bankrupt. Coronavirus totalitarianism and the George Floyd riots have destroyed businesses, jobs, and property values—the tax base—while at the same time increasing the demand for support payments, social services, and public safety. Governments are presently running deficits and their future medical and pension liabilities are far greater than their means to pay them.

Insolvency will be anti-government revolutionaries’ staunchest ally, not requiring them to lift a finger but merely watch as governments spend and borrow themselves into ruin. This will undoubtedly inflict a great deal of misery on the populace, but governments are not their people. The latter will still have productive assets and skills; the former produce nothing.

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