Resetting the Great Reset: a Book Review of: Against the Great Reset

By Fred Elbel March 19, 2023

The Great Reset was contrived at the Davos World Economic Forum under the pretentious premise that participants could make the world a better place for the world’s unenlightened masses.

Author Michael Walsh writes that:

At its heart, the Great Reset is a conceited and self-loathing central-European blitzkrieg against the cultural, intellectual, religious, artistic, physical, and, most of all, moral inheritance we have received from our Greco-Roman forebears.

It’s a deeply repellent principle that masquerades as a perversion of Jeffersonian democracy but is in fact a simultaneous attack on individuality and merit that seeks to roll back the scientific and cultural advances of the past two millennia…The goal, as always, is power – the eternal fixation of the socialist Left.

Whether you know a lot about the Great Reset or want to learn more, this book is highly recommended. The authors represented are top-notch. They cover the Great Reset from multiple perspectives, providing insight into the elitist, globalist, and immoral agenda that no one has voted for.

The articles contained in the book discuss aspects of the Great Reset, and several include adequate historical context to frame this misdirected effort.

This book is an engrossing and engaging tour-de-force that I couldn’t put down.

Here are some brief reviews and excerpts from some of the articles:

Against the Great Reset

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