Report: Army Staff ‘Baffled’ by Sharp Decline in White Recruits in Last Five Years



The Army’s recruiting of white soldiers in 2023 had dropped almost by half in the last five years, according to a report.

That dramatic decline has coincided with a push by the service to increase recruitment of a more diverse population, according to a report.

The decline of white recruits has also coincided with the Army missing its target of 65,000 recruits in 2023 by 10,000. reported Wednesday that Army internal data showed that a total of 44,042 new Army recruits were categorized by the service as white in 2018, but that number has fallen consistently each year to a “low” or 25,070 in 2023. The outlet reported a six percent dip from 2022 to 2023 was the most significant drop. No other demographic group has seen such a precipitous decline, it added.

Reader comment:

It is the west’s history and culture that has to go away in order for the globalists’ Great Reset to take place. And all the anti-white crap going around is actually a weaponized military grade Psy-op being used against the people of the west and perpetrated by the very people in charge of running the west. This is all actually part of the planned INVASION and take-down of the sovereignty of the United States.
These globalist bass turds run practically EVERY INSTITUTION in the country and they have waged WAR on YOU (and hordes of useful idiots can plainly see that the State has sanctioned chaos against you).
What is taking place is not the result of “stupid, misguided, idiots in charge of things who are unwittingly destroying our once great nation”, but is the result of a generations long very thoroughly planned and executed operation of PURPOSEFULLY DOING AWAY WITH
1) the strong and independent middle class
2) national sovereignty and any notions of national sovereignty or nationalism in general
3) all aspects of western culture
4) any and all rights and privileges granted under the U.S. constitution (such as freedom of speech, and the right to keep and bear arms).
All the recent RACE CHAOS taking place is just part of the planned take down of the west to usher in a global dystopian nightmare government.
In the U.S., white men have been the ONLY demographic that consistently votes for less government and more freedom, while ALL OTHER DEMOGRAPHICS consistently vote for more government and less freedom.
And “whites” have made up the bulk of the middle classes in the western countries, and the globalists are working to do away with the middle class for their global dystopian nightmare.

When they say “White nationalist” and “White Supremacist”, what they really mean is “Nationalists who still believe in and defend the sovereignty of the United States”, and “Strong-willed INDIVIDUALS who still believe in God, family, and country, and will defend the U.S. constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.”
The globalists need to end all of that sovereignty thinking, and they are currently REPLACING western nations’ middle class (mostly whites) with socialist minded 3rd world replacement populations who will be much more easily controlled by the global dictatorship run by bankers and corporations, and they are indoctrinating American’s children from kindergarten through college graduation to HATE the U.S. and to REJECT FREEDOM (or even logical reason). The whole “anti white” meme that’s been going on since Obama was installed in the White House was for the very purpose of recruiting as many useful idiot helpers to dislodge the middle classes and destroy the culture and sovereignty of the west. The strong, independent, and upwardly mobile middle class is no longer allowed to exist (hence the whole “white nationalist” and “white supremacy” memes being used.
What the left and their divide-and-conquer media now calls “Hu-white Supremacy” is simply white people not wanting to put their head in a wood chipper for the New World Order.
National sovereignty has to give way to a global dystopian nightmare dictatorship run by bankers and corporations who dictate and “provide” for their serfs if the globalists’ plans are carried out (that President Trump was trying to reverse).
If anyone wants to try to make any sense at all of what has taken place in the last 40 years or so, they should just ask themselves,
“What would I do if I were the globalists trying to end all national sovereignty and usher in a global dictatorship with no national boundaries, no independent middle class, no freedom of speech or any right to keep and bear arms, and run (E.U.-like) by international banks and corporations owned by elite families, and only populated by those same elites and the dumbed-down child-minded serfs who do for them?”
Then you will have your answer.
So while I may not care about race and YOU may not care about race, there is a whole generation of useful idiots who are totally fine with Jim Crow style racism.
America used to teach that it is not the color of your skin that matters, but the content of your character.
Not so much, anymore.
The globalists need the U.S. constitution to GO AWAY.
They need the defenders of the constitution to GO AWAY.
They need all ties to the past to GO AWAY.

The U.S. military is now practically the E.U. military and finds itself in the untenable position of having to recruit from a population that the U.S. government, the schools and colleges, Hollywood and the media have all brainwashed into hating the United States, the U.S. flag, capitalism, national borders and any kind of nationality. These same haters of the country are now the very people the military is trying to figure out how to recruit into serving (as patriots no longer TRUST this traitorous government and are deciding to NOT be retarded and wear the uniform to uphold the ideology of transgenderism and the END of U.S. sovereignty). This new group of woke recruits might even get aroused if they are told that they might get to fight the MAGA republicans at some point.
They are PURPOSEFULLY bypassing the U.S. constitution to adopt the global international rules and regulations. What is taking place is not the result of “stupid, misguided, idiots in charge of things who are unwittingly destroying our once great nation”, but is the result of a generations long very thoroughly planned and executed operation.
What exactly does the west now stand for?
What are American values to be upheld and defended?

Is it just trans ideology?
Anti-white hatred?
Insane men in dresses?
Transing the kids?
It certainly is no longer freedom or justice (or even national borders or any kind of nationality at all). Who now can tell me just what are U.S. Marines fighting and dying for today without sounding schizophrenic?
These back stabbing traitors are PURPOSEFULLY bypassing the U.S. constitution to adopt the global international rules and regulations. What is taking place is not the result of “stupid, misguided, idiots in charge of things who are unwittingly destroying our once great nation”, but is the result of a generations long very thoroughly planned and executed operation.
They have officially labeled true American, sovereignty-loving, U.S. constitution-defending Americans as those “MAGA Republican extreme terrorists.”
Official labels change the parameters of engagement that would otherwise not be available to military and “law enforcement” and intelligence agencies. That’s why they do it.
If you live in a country that does not have a border, is it a country that you live in or is it in the midst of becoming something else entirely?
How can you have a country without borders, and even more importantly, WHY would the political office holders (and their unelected deep state
counterparts) of currently every western nation on earth PURPOSEFULLY adopt the policy of replacing their natural population with 3rd world socialist-minded replacement populations as if they wanted to DO AWAY WITH NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY and blend all the world into one big controlled province of the New World Order? As if they wanted to replace the people who would object to doing away with the freedoms and standard of living that they are accustomed to with 3rd world socialist-minded replacement populations who have never known that standard of living and so will not miss the loss of it in the least?
Why do we rely for our news and day to day “facts” – where practically everything the American people watch, hear, or read, — comes from 6 international corporations with absolutely zero allegiance to the U.S. constitution and who are, in fact, working non stop to end all national sovereignty and usher in the great reset new world order dystopian nightmare post-sovereignty world government run, EU-like, by banks and corporations with only the elite rulers and the dumbed-down, child-like serfs?
This bunch of globalist traitors have betrayed every veteran who has ever worn the uniform, and after these bass turds have declared WAR on the American patriots, they now want those same patriots to fight and die for them.
Good luck with that because the very population that has ALWAYS carried the water for the military (white men) will NEVER forget that treachery.|25904788|Report%3A%20Army%20Staff%20%26%238216%3BBaffled%26%238217%3B%20by%20Sharp%20Decline%20in%20White%20Recruits%20in%20Last%20Five%20Years|


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