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From the ICJ thread: US civil war may not be so good for Americans but the best thing that can happen for the rest of the world.

Posted by: Peter AU1 | Jan 26 2024 14:11 utc | 13

Looks like we’re possibly heading for a major crisis within the US. There are 25 red states that have declared support for Texas, and there is even open discussion on a hot war.

Let’s summarise the Empire’s state:
* Military defeat pending in Ukraine
* Withdrawal of troops in Iraq and Syria being considered
* Inability to protect major sea lanes and defeat the AnsarAllah
* Major “allies” (Israel) not doing your bidding.
* Possible complicity in genocide
* BRICS expansion
* Gradual dedollarization
* Rising inflation
* Increased internal polarization and now serious turmoil/crisis between States and the federal government

Sure, they sell more LNG to the EU and have stolen industries from Germany, but who benefits from this other than a few pockets?

I think we are finally seeing clear signs of collapse. will definitely affect financially the entire world.

Countries (and people) with higher autarky will weather this more easily.

Posted by: Lathe Biosas | Jan 26 2024 14:56 utc

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