Putin now has ‘no option’ but to use tactical NUKES in Ukraine to cripple Kyiv’s counter-offensive, says Kremlin’s ex space agency chief who is now serving on the front line

A prominent Russian politician who once commanded Russia’s Space Agency has said Vladimir Putin now has ‘no option’ but to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Dmitry Rogozin – the former head of Roscosmos who also served as deputy prime minister – declared that Moscow is facing defeat in its war with Kyiv unless the dictator unleashes his atomic weapons in a recent video.

‘It must be said that under our doctrine we have every right to use tactical nuclear weapons,’ said Rogozin, who was dressed in military fatigues with a customised AK-47 assault rifle slung over his shoulder.

‘That is precisely what they are there for — this great equaliser.

‘For now, there is a clear disparity in the forces and conventional weapons in favour of the enemy,’ he said, pointing to the West’s support of Ukraine’s war effort.

‘Therefore the best method to destroy [Ukraine’s] counter-offensive is to use tactical nuclear weapons, with understandable consequences, of course.



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