Patrick Bergey on Trump, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and General Flynn

Patrick Bergy built the architecture for the US Army of what was later privatized for personal gain by a retired general and commercialized as the Shadownet, the military psychological warfare weapon that is comprised of the shadow world of digital data collected about each of us and how it has been weaponized against us in social media psychological warfare, aka Interactive Internet Activities (IIA).

Therefore, one might ask why hasn’t Bergy been asked to testify at the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government?

He says he would love to get in front of them and, “By the way, half of the people here, in this subcommittee are listed here as subjects in my Weaponization [documents].”

In the film, ‘ShadowGate’, Bergy details how Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) and the military psychological warfare weapon, Shadownet has been used to control the public narrative through the Fake News, to fix elections, to organize the BLM riots, etc.

Bergy explains how Shadownet was built by the military with US tax dollars and how General James L Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor took this intellectual property and privatized it for personal gain – which is flat-out corruption.

Bergy says Shadownet was used heavily in the Ukraine Color Revolution by Paul Manafort and that an entire cottage industry has since sprung up, with multiple companies now using this same software.

Patrick Bergy joins Australian dissident, Brendon O’Connell, broadcasting from his bunker in Mexico to discuss. These are Brendon’s notes, below.


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