Patreon has ‘suspended’ Off-Guardian Website

In that great seasonal tradition of good will to all men embodied by Ebenezer Scrooge, Patreon has shut us down three days before Christmas Eve for ‘breaching their community guidelines’

You may think ‘breaching community guidelines’ means telling the unacceptable truth about the COVID19 scam and drawing attention to the global fascist rollout being ushered in on the back of said scam…and you’d be right.

They don’t phrase it that way, of course, but the email from a member of their not-at-all-creepy “Trust and Safety team” is pretty frank:

Following our policy update concerning medical misinformation, Patreon can no longer support accounts that repeatedly use unfounded or debunked theories to argue against broadly supported public health measures on COVID-19.

They don’t specify which of our articles have been deemed “unfounded”, or detail how they have been “debunked”, and we’re not inclined to ask.

Let’s be real, there’s no chance in hell of arguing the suspension away, and we’ve all got better things to do than bandy words with the myopic puppets who turn their hand to censorship.

There’s some good news though, we may be able to keep the page up…

In order to bring your page back within our guidelines, kindly review and remove any and all content that advances COVID-19 medical misinformation. Since our guidelines extend to any projects that you fund via Patreon, this means that online content linked to your creator page is subject to our guidelines.

So there you go, all we have to do in order to continue to fund our website…is delete our website. Merry Christmas!

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