Palestine SitRep: Sanitizing Language While The War Escalates

Moon of Alabama blog [MoA] January 09, 2024

The New York Times has claimed that Israel is cutting back its brutal war in Gaza:

The Israeli military has begun a new and less intense phase of its invasion of Gaza, its chief spokesman said on Monday, after weeks of pressure from the United States and other allies to scale back an offensive that has caused widespread devastation and civilian deaths.

The Nation however finds that this is certainly not the case:

The Israeli Defense Forces spokesman, Radm. Daniel Hagari, gave the Times the interview that it used for its headline. But Hagari’s quotes never actually promise the “less intense phase” in the Times paraphrase. Hagari instead describes the focus of the pitiless Israeli campaign shifting southward—while his superiors in the Israeli government indicate that it could expand regionally.

The Times isn’t the only main stream media to lie about the war. CNN is routing all news through its Jerusalem bureau where an Israeli military censor takes care that everything is ‘sanitized’. This while the Washington Post is sending out its most Zionist reporter to write a hit piece about pro-Palestinian news sites.



Reader comment:

Good piece, than you.

To counteract the sanitizing language, we have been archiving Israeli quotes demonstrating potential genocidal intent and we have over 100 so far (just launched a week ago).

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