Occult Totalitarianism

by Todd Hayen

Oc·cult (adjective) [ ə’kʌlt ] 1. supernatural or magic, 2. not understandable, 3. secret, 4. hidden, 5. difficult to see.

All five of these definitions could describe the totalitarianism this article addresses, but I was thinking definitions 4 and 5 were the most accurate…and maybe a bit of 3 considering one of the hallmarks of the massive world effort toward central government is secret due to the fact no one heading this effort will ever admit it is a totalitarian movement, but the effort itself is anything but secret.

It’s true intention is indeed hidden, and maybe, for most, difficult to see. But one of the strangest things about all this is that if you had even a modicum of a thinking brain, it would be very clear what is happening, and what their intention is.


The closest thing to the big mouthed tyrant of days of old is Klaus Schwab of the WEF and he is hardly a Hitler or Stalin type, although he certainly fits the personal, and visual image, of a James Bond villain with his odd sci-fi clothes, strange minions surrounding him, and possessing a rather unnerving accent and speech pattern.

Is he the true leader of the cult that is trying to take over the world?

Or, as some have suggested, is this Grand Poobah Satan himself? (This is where the descriptive word “occult” and its first dictionary definition, “supernatural” may be the most appropriate description of our current totalitarianism.)


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