‘NYT chose to attack US military on Memorial Day’: Pentagon hits back at op-ed on army ‘celebrating white supremacy’

The US Department of Defense spokesperson has locked horns with the New York Times (NYT) over a Memorial Day opinion piece saying that the US military “celebrates white supremacy.”

“The NYT has more than a million possible stories of the ultimate sacrifice by American patriots that they could tell. But they don’t,” Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Jonathan Rath Hoffman tweeted.

Instead, they chose to attack the US military – the most diverse meritocracy in the country and the most powerful force for good in world history. We have many stories of valor still waiting to be told this Memorial Day weekend.

Hoffman’s ire was drawn by the NYT’s opinion piece titled ‘Why Does the U.S. Military Celebrate White Supremacy?’ on Saturday. The article was accompanied by an illustration depicting an artillery shell with two black dots on it, resembling a white Ku Klux Klan hood.


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