Noem: “This Is an Extreme Remaking of America, and It Is a Socialist, Communist Agenda”


During this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) was asked by host Maria Bartiromo to speculate on what was driving President Joe Biden’s policy decision-making.

Noem suggested Biden was not running the White House and whoever was in charge was promoting a “socialist, communist agenda.”

“He’s weak,” she said. “And somebody’s — somebody is running the White House. I don’t believe it’s Joe Biden. He’s never been this extreme. This is an extreme remaking of America, and it is a socialist, communist agenda. I think that they have so infiltrated the Democrat Party that it’s no longer the Democrat Party of 20 years ago. It’s now a socialist party that does not want a strong America. The people that are coming across that southern border aren’t coming here to be like American citizens, to love our country, to protect our freedoms.”

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Reader comment:

That’ proposed bill allows a minimum 1.8 million per year from Canada and Mexico – people from other nations are not counted in that total, so people from China, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and other ‘non-contiguous’ countries can come and cross at will in unlimited numbers. The way its worded can be used to make it illegal for anyone to stop an illegal immigrant until the number exceeds 4000/day, and also blocks judicial review of DHS Secretary decisions regarding immigration.
That bill is poison pill.

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