NFL Incentivizes Anti-White Racism

by Hewitt E. Moore

Entertainment only exists for the purpose of a leisurely distraction.  The health of a society determines the aura of the distraction. If the society sucks, the distraction will follow suit. Leisurely distractions are typically going to be primitive in nature. Meaning, the distraction becomes a degenerative microcosm of the very society that the distractions are used as a catalyst to escape.

One of the primary forms of entertainment for the better part of the last 50 years has been sports. Sports have largely been apolitical and secular. Which is ultimately what makes them a distraction, and therefore “entertaining.”

The distraction should ideally be somewhat entertaining if it hopes to be a legitimate escape from the social pressures within the status quo. The more depressing the existence, the more depressing the distraction needs to be. One doesn’t need to be a big brain rationalist to conclude how bad reality sucks in a society where the preeminent distractions are the choice between drinking fermented grains while watching Black men run with a ball, or depleting your endorphins with a mind-numbing cocktail of pharmaceuticals and porn.

One would assume that if your society sucked to the point that your primary source of escapism was to get inebriated and either watch Black men run with a ball, or watch women get gangbanged, that the social engineers would be content to let you fester in your misery. But, that’s where you’d be wrong.

Recently, the architects of entertainment have decided that you shouldn’t be allowed to be distracted from divisive “social justice” issues. If the millionaires running with the ball are disproportionately Black (NFL is 70% Black) that’s fine. But if the coaches are disproportionately White (75% of NFL coaches are White), that’s just not acceptable.


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