Neo-Nazi terror threat grows as Ukraine fighters jailed in France

It is hard to imagine that Western intelligence officials are not aware that the powder keg they created in Kiev could erupt on their own soil. However, it also appears clear they have taken a vow of omerta on the issue, even redacting sections in their own public reports on the plague of returning foreign fighters. At the same time, they campaign zealously against the threat of homegrown right-wing extremism.

Since taking office, the Biden administration has repeatedly warned of imminent “racially or ethnically motivated” terrorist attacks by US citizens. It has even published a dedicated national security strategy to address the “challenge.”

Yet, the indictment of two American neo-Nazis in February this year generated virtually no media interest, and went largely unremarked upon by US officials. The pair, leaders of Atomwaffen – also known as the National Socialist Resistance Front – planned to destroy electrical substations serving the majority Black city of Baltimore, Maryland, in a bid to deprive residents of heat and light during Winter.

This eerie silence may be at least partially explained by Atomwaffen’s relationship with Azov Battalion, which has hosted members of the group in Kiev.


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