My Gromyko Theory — LewRockwell

By   September 29, 2023

Hillary recently warned Joe Biden that third parties will cause a Democrat loss, just like Green Party Jill Stein “stole” her victory in 2016.  She’s also warning about more “Russian election interference” because “Putin fears her.” She’s dog-whistling to the old guard about her work with sponsor Blackrock, and other elite movers and shakers, to rebuild Ukraine, through the Clinton Foundation.

I suspect Hillary believes if the Democrat machine puts her forward, her age will be less of a problem than it was for Biden in 2020, and she will work harder than he ever did.  New York and California speak for the Democratic Party, and have more to lose if Trump or any conservative, America-first or anti-corruption ticket is elected.

Key to this prediction is my belief that the US is in its final stage, its last days.  Not “end times” of spiritual punishment and reward, but a major and exciting shift into decentralized power, and populist-powered federalism.  It has been occurring for a long time, largely under the radar, subterranean – and yet it’s the reason for the reactionary surge in recent decades of the modern surveillance and warfare state, armed federal bureaucracies, and mass inflationary policies that deprive the populist masses of prosperity, property and liberty. This kind of existential shift also happened in the former Soviet Union, under the auspice of communist decay.  In the mid-1980s, after the death of Brezhnev, a number of older, weak Soviet General Secretaries, placeholders from the old system, tried to wring the last bits of relevancy and resources from a precarious and pre-collapse USSR.  Russians, by that time, had evolved to disbelieve, as a default position, each and every government narrative.  We are where they were.  DC and the gargantuan US state is justifiably worried, but like the former Soviet Union, it’s locked into a failed model.


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