MSN now testing the waters by suggesting U.S. and NATO should directly engage in war against Russia

MSN is a mouthpiece for the Deep State, Military Industrial Complex and Big Tech. I am reminded how the Vietnam War went from U.S. “advisors” helping the South Vietnamese in their fight against the Viet Cong in 1962 to direct U.S. combat under Lyndon Johnson, which took place in incremental steps similar to what MSN is now “suggesting” are necessary in Ukraine.  — S. Byron Gassaway

See below:

Russia strikes Kyiv and cities across Ukraine after Crimea Bridge attack

“The attacks were the latest of many head-spinning events — from Ukrainian victories on the ground to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat of nuclear weapons use — that have changed the nature and tempo of the war in recent weeks, and raised questions about whether the United States and its partners may have to move beyond the concept of helping Ukraine defend itself, and instead more forcefully facilitate a Ukrainian victory.”

(The term “escalation” originated in the Vietnam War era.  We would not be facing war in Ukraine had bad actors like Victoria Nuland and Senator John McCaine not orchestrated the Maidan color revolution in Kiev in 2014 which resulted in the overthrow of the democratically elected president of Ukraine.  Crimeans voted to separate from Kiev following the U.S. orchestrated coup d’ etat in Kiev. Russia already had a 99 year lease on its naval base in Crimea, so did not “invade” the Crimean Peninsula.  A popular wall poster in the ’60s in America said, “War is dangerous to children and other living things.” The absence of an anti-war movement in the U.S. in 2022 is a mystery. — S. Byron Gassaway)



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