More Evidence that Twitter Was Run by the Deep State – Former CIA and FBI Employee Identified at the Top of the Censorship Activities

by Joe Hoft

Another Deep State individual was outed in the recent Twitter revelations unveiled by Elon Musk.  Jeff Carlton has a resume showing he worked at both the FBI and CIA and then moved on to Twitter.  This is what we all expected – that Twitter was being led by the Deep State.

We’ve already reported on James Comey’s former Chief Counsel at the FBI and how he wormed his way into Twitter.  After Baker showed his true allegiance to the Deep State over the weekend, Musk let him go on Tuesday.

We now know that Baker wasn’t the only Deep State character who wormed his way into Twitter.  Another individual whose name popped up yesterday is a man by the name of Jeff Carlton.


It is no surprise to see more Deep State actors involved at the highest levels at Twitter.   Who is really running our government?


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