More About the Ukraine War

Thoughts on how the mess will end.

Russia is going to win this conflict against NATO. It has the capacity to wage this kind of industrial war for the long run. The western NATO countries do not, and cannot quickly develop this capacity. More than that, Russia has at its back the emerging industrial and scientific colossus of China.

Russia will grind through Ukraine, Poland, Finland, and anything else the Atlanticist empire is able to set against them. What our Azovstal resident will find when he finally emerges is a very different Europe.

With the exception of Ukraine itself, the boundaries will be the same. However, NATO and the EU will no longer exist. There will be very different governments in most of these countries.

This is obvious to anyone with their minds outside the misinformation matrix which has been laid around the heads of people in Atlanticist core countries. The ruling elite of these countries have become lost in their own echo chambers. They massively underestimate Russia, and overestimate themselves and the resources they can command.

The European Union edifice is coming down in the next couple of years. The European publics are now seeing it for what it is. What is critical is that the middle levels of these countries, the people who actually run everything, have had enough of the nonsense.

The danger here is in what these people will do when they throw out the Eurocracy. They could set up some very authoritarian regimes of an industrial capitalist nature. These kinds of people will usually not subscribe to aggressive nationalism but may be very socially regressive.

I mean here the business managers and engineers, the local politicians, the military and police officers, and some parts of the civil service. The ‘left/progressive’ elements in most of these countries seem to be completely disorganized and coopted. They have been processed by advanced cognitive manipulation methods into neonazis howling for war with a nuclear power, or into ‘woke’ lunatics demanding that farming end.

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