Military ‘Extremism’ Guidelines Make Us Weaker

The United States military has many problems. It just lost a 20-year in Afghanistan that ended in a disastrous withdrawal and the deaths of 13 Marines. No one was punished except for a military officer who criticized his superiors’ incompetence. Last year, a sailor set fire to some cardboard boxes in an amphibious assault ship, which burned for days and had to be scrapped. It took incompetence throughout the chain of command to lose a capital ship that is supposed to survive bomb hits. The USS Connecticut, a powerful submarine that would be critical in any naval conflict in the Pacific, had to return to port because its crew crashed it into an underwater mountain. War games suggest that the United States would lose a fight against Russia and China.

There are morale problems. In 2020, at Fort Hood alone, 13 soldiers killed themselves, five were murdered, and 11 more died mysteriously. Suicides were up 16 percent in 2020 and four National Guard soldiers guarding the southern border killed themselves in the last two months.

There is organized crime in the services, which have lost explosives, mines, rockets, and other advanced weapons. Gang members steal fully automatic weapons. The Zetas, one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels, got their start when Mexican army commandos decided to switch jobs and smuggle drugs. With America turning increasingly Third World, we might see something similar here.


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