Marionette Theater: BoJo Resigns, as U.K. Searches for Next Globalist Puppet

By Jordan Schachtel
The Dossier

A once promising nationalist leader ends tenure as WEF-approved, ESG-compliant marionette.

I can’t think of a single world leader who has done more damage to humanity, since 2019, than Boris Johnson. And yet, his reign of terror over a once great empire was not enough for the proponents of The Great Reset and Build Back Better agenda.

Johnson generated more COVID hysteria than any other world leader.

He pursued two full years of authoritarian rule, pursuing ruthless lockdowns, implementing vaccine passports, installing a surveillance state, and making a mockery of the unalienable rights of U.K. citizens.

He catered to every slogan and policy initiative of the World Economic Forum globalist mafia.

And still, the U.K. Prime Minister has been quickly relinquished of his marionette duties for not moving the levers of his country fast enough in the direction of global tyranny.


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