Let’s Talk Game Changers in Ukraine and the Future

By Larry Johnson
Published May 26, 2022 at 7:00am

Let me give you the bottom line up front–Ukraine’s military units in the Donbass in the area of Lysychansk are now essentially encircled, which means Ukraine is facing the loss of at least 15,000 troops unless they are able to retreat.

Some pundits refer to this as Deep Operational Encirclement:

The basic concept of the Operational Maneuver Group is to fracture the stability of the enemy defense at the earliest possible moment by conducting deep operational maneuver into the enemy’s rear area. Once in the enemy rear, the OMG’s main purpose is to help smooth and accelerate the progress of the main force by eroding the defense from within.

Although Russian troops do not occupy all the strategic chokepoints between Lysychansk and points west, there is only one road open and Russian artillery and air assets can fire at will on that road. Any column of vehicles or soldiers attempting to move west face a high probability of withering fire.

If you want to delve into the nitty-gritty of the tactical situation, please watch the video from the Military Summary channel.


If drones existed in World War II it is doubtful the Soviets could have mounted the offensive that saved Stalingrad because the Germans would have seen the assembling and movement of the Soviet force east of Stalingrad. The Allied invasion at Normandy probably would have been detected and defeated if the Germans had drones. The lack of eyes in the sky left the World War II ground commanders largely blind.

There is another game-changer that, thank God, we have not yet seen (and I pray we never will)–space war. The world has become dependent on satellites orbiting the earth that facilitate communication and intelligence collection. What happens if the Russians, with their back to the wall, decide to take out a majority of U.S. military and intelligence satellites? I think the term, catastrophic, would be appropriate. My intent is not to frighten you. But it is a capability and vulnerability that exists and could be attacked under certain circumstances.

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