Judge Orders ‘Destruction’ of Epstein Evidence

Jul 5, 2020 1:00 PM

Whitney Webb on the nexus of the Maxwell sisters and surveillance software, with which the Maxwell family has been involved for 40 years. Though many of the Maxwell products have been incorporated into Microsoft and other software used by the alphabet agencies, the Maxwells’ continuing prominence helps to provide cover for the broader surveillance project.

All of this is happening with the blessing of the CIA… Israel is just building the infrastructure. You have the former chief information officer of the CIA on the board of SEPIO SYSTEMS with an ex Mossad director.

Israel provides great cover for U.S. agencies like the CIA. No-one pays attention to the billionaires who are surveilling and manipulating the country. The media won’t discuss it for fear of being called anti-semitic.

Epstein put $1 million into CARBINE 911, chaired by Ehud Barrack. Michael Chertoff of DHS is there, with Christian Neilsen, former head of LAPD. They’re connected to Eric Prince. Another investor is Palantir which practices predictive policing… taking Promis software to another level. Palantir’s software has one label you can put on a person calling them ‘subversive’ so you can track their activities.*

This is the next generation 911 system. Carbine wants to take it from State level to Next Generation 911 that can get your location, and suck all the data from your phone into the Carbine NG911 database. From that they can decide if a person will be a future victim, perpetrator or close to the scene of a future crime https://www.911.gov/issue_nextgeneration911.html

DIAGNOSTIC ROBOTICS is being developed by a Microsoft alumnus whose software not only predicts future coronavirus outbreaks but also future riots. It uses pre-crime predictive programs created by Israel. It is being piloted in Rhode Island and India. The software was justified as Contact Tracing then was immediately used in the riots to track people.

Moneycircus asks: Were the BLM protests activated at the same time as the Co-vid lockdown in order to test and refine this software? The software makers boast it can be used to lockdown an entire city in one day.

Back to Whitney Webb: Diagnostic Robotics software refers to individuals as “a coronavirus patient at risk of exposure” – in other words the software defines everybody as suspect.

Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy (Jul 2nd, 2020) http://thealtworld.com/whitney_webb/meet-the-israeli-intelligence-linked-firm-using-ai-to-profile-americans-and-guide-us-lockdown-policy

Software can also be used to cause chaos. The more divided the U.S. becomes, the more they can justify the imposition of order by force.

CYBEREASON, owned by SoftBank which has ties to MBS and Kushner and Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA). One of these companies simulated attacks on November 3, 2020, election day – cars driving into polling stations, cyber attacks on self driving cars, cyber attacks on electrical and sewage systems.

They sell anti-virus software so their simulations have nothing to do with their product – they claim to be running the simulations “because we care”.

When you saw the Russiagate-fueled criticism of Kaspersky, claiming that because its founder is Russian the anti-virus giant should be banned from U.S. government, who took over the contracts? Cybereason.

NYC powergrid and hydro dams are currently being operated by Israeli state-owned military contractors. Any conflict of interest mebe (sic)?

Most people cannot see this as a danger because most people are locked into a red-blue, left-right paradigm even though it distracts from the fact that the Reps and Dems all support endless war, the Federal Reserve, the Israel lobby, and the only disagreements are over a handful of social issues like abortion and trans rights.

Few journalists are willing to move away from those social issues. When they do they risk being shut down, like the magazine Radar, after journalist Chris Ketchum covered Israeli espionage and Continuity of Government plans. One of the main shareholders in Radar was Jeffrey Epstein. https://thementalmilitia.net/2017/03/24/mindwar-background-last-roundup-christopher-ketcham/

01:22:00 #207 – Whitney Webb Returns | The Tim Dillon Show https://youtu.be/udH8rIaC33k?t=4945

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