Jordan B Peterson: The Reflection I Never Wished to See

By J R Leach

In the dusty corridors of intellectual exploration, I, an avid follower of Jordan B Peterson’s insights into Jungian psychology and Nietzschean philosophy, find myself confronting a recent heartbreak.

At first, I chose to ignore it, not ready for what it actually meant. But I’ve mulled over it for a bit now and have made some semblance of peace with it.


What a grisly, heartrending sight that tweet was.

Coming from the man who said this:

“It’s not always easy to distinguish the demand for vengeance from the demand for justice.”

You don’t say?

I’m not some casual ‘fake fan’, either, taking some easy jabs now the tides have turned. In a particularly nihilistic, self-destructive period of my life, he helped me steady myself and take a good introspective look at my motivations. I was astonished, then, to learn how little I really knew myself.

And I’ll always be grateful to the man for that if nothing else.

But, as I should have known, idols are always false. And in deifying the man, what I’d actually done was blind myself to all the tell-tale signs of his downfall.

Moving to Dailywire, being the main one.

And then, on October 7th, 2023:

”Give ‘em hell, Netanyahu. Enough is enough.”

Something broke when I read that. Something that can’t be fixed. Hundreds of hours spent watching his lectures, reading his books, taking his personality tests and his Self-authoring program; I did it all; the man was always in my life; I always had a lecture on the go, a book in my backpack, his words as a mantra in dark days, pretty much every day for five years.


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