Is Russia running out of long range missiles, or is it removing the conventional warheads and replacing them with tactical nukes?

West holds its breath over Putin’s nuke threat: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace jets to US for talks amid spies’ fears the Russian despot WILL detonate nuclear bomb over the Black Sea – as Kremlin promotes Chechnya veteran nicknamed ‘General Armageddon’

  • There are increasing concerns that Russian president Vladimir Putin will make a nuclear show of force
  • Defence Secretary Ben Wallace flew to US for emergency talks with Pentagon due to ‘security concerns’
  • Russia has been using missile and drones, believed to be from Iran, to target energy facilities in Ukraine 

“Russia has been firing an increased number of rockets and drones at Ukraine following several embarrassing weeks of retreats on the battlefield.

The use of drones, believed to be from Iran, may suggest their stockpiles of ‘high-precision, long-range, significantly sized warheads’ are running low.”

[Alternatively, the Russians may be putting nuclear warheads on their long range, high precision rockets in preparation of a nuclear war against NATO. Putin said he isn’t bluffing. —  S. Byron Gassaway]


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