Iran Fires Ballistic Missile From A Shipping Container At Sea

By Oliver Parken

Fired from a sea base-like vessel, Iran’s launching of ballistic missiles via shipping containers could have wide-ranging implications.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has fired two ballistic missiles from launchers disguised as standard shipping containers that were hosted aboard one of its sea base-like vessels. This particular combination, which has not been seen to date, greatly expands the reach with which those weapons could be used to strike potential targets by surprise, especially given that shipping containers can be embarked on any vessel that has the space to accommodate them.

The country’s IRGC-linked Tasnim News Agency reports that two “Fateh class” ballistic missiles were recently launched from Shahid Mahdavi, which the Iranian Navy took delivery of in March 2023 after it was converted from a state-owned and operated container ship known as the Sarvin. The outlet also notes that the launch was a collaboration between the IRGC’s naval and aerospace forces. At least one of the missiles went on to successfully hit their target in the central desert of Iran, it has been reported.

From Iran State Media

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