In the Eye of the Storm

by Todd Hayen

Right now, in the states, it stands at 6 months being the youngest authorized to vaccinate, but I doubt if it stops there. We still have newborns to add to the list. And of course, the effort to protect Big Pharma from liability is the aim of these early age approvals for vaccination. And if you go any deeper into that still water you may find a genocidal agenda lurking in the shadows. This may be as far as you need to go to get a clear view of the storm about to hit us.

The seeds of genocide, if indeed those were the seeds planted, are well on their way to sprouting big time. The agenda is set, they don’t really need to do anything else quickly (digital IDs, vaccine passports, digital currency, another viral attack, more vaccines—can all be saved for when the population is reduced). All they have to do now is sit back and watch.


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