If anyone should get a $450,000.00 check, it should be the fire fighters who protected Yosemite and the ancient sequoias from wildfire, not illegal invaders

By S. Byron Gassaway

I would suggest to the President that, instead of awarding $450,000,00 to foreigners who attempted and failed to enter the U.S. illegally  who are suing the U.S. government through ACLU lawyers (who will no doubt get a sizeable slice of those “reparations”), the financial largess should be directed at the fire fighting heroes who saved the giant sequoias in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California from almost certain destruction from fires last summer.   Or how about giving that money to firefighters in other states who risk their lives to protect people and property.  We should reward true American heroes with that nearly half a million dollars rather than foreigners who attempt to bypass our immigration laws.

Reparations story is in link below:


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