How Can the Deep State’s Antifa Organization Be Stopped?

Joaquin Flores

Remove Antifa’s Funding Sources and de facto Leaders

Antifa is a terror organization operationalized and functionally created by the deep state. One of the front group NGOs that funnels money to Antifa is ‘Democracy Alliance’, which has Kamala Harris, George Soros, Tom Steyer, BLM Corporation, and many more, as members or backers. BLM Corporation is heavily financed by George Soros. Any number of the backers, members of ‘Democracy Alliance’ and similar, form an interconnected web of organizations apparently financing each other – until one locates a critical billionaire oligarch or their front – such as the Ford Foundation, the Kellog Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Bloomberg, Soros through Open Society Foundations, and the likes. There are also many thousands of smaller – though quite sizable – donations from relatively wealthy individuals with histories of donating to center-left causes.

The other components of Democracy Alliance are organized labor and elected politicians – a critical component because the staff organizers of labor unions are professionally trained in organizing, and turn-out. They work in spheres both electoral and street activism.

This was realized in the nexus between SEIU and the Bernie Sanders campaign, whose moneys came through both COPA/COPE moneys from labor, and from Act Blue donations to Sanders – which in turn went to the Working Families Party and Our Revolution.


And so with Antifa, as with anything else, we have to assess which class it works in the interests of and, perhaps more clearly, which class finances its activities. In the case of Antifa, we will be repeating, it is a billionaire-oligarch machine used in demagogic ways as part of a strategy of tension, and indistinguishable in that sense to both pre-war and post-war fascism itself.

In that sense which a RICO type prosecution can establish, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is Antifa’s ‘Minister of Information’. George Soros is its ‘Chief Financial Officer’.

Antifa members/adherents need to be liberated from the toxicity of Antifa’s methods, and from the yolk of the billionaire-philanthropic, NGO and DNC ecosystem which keeps them ensnared.

As far as this goes, donations to BLM were done through ActBlue – the DNC’s primary online donations system. Through this and parallel BLM related NGOs and charities, Antifa rioters had their bail posted using BLM moneys. In that sense, Antifa is how whites involve in BLM riots, but the ‘capture and release’ policy which Antifa enjoys is carried out under the auspices of local government leniency towards BLM, not Antifa, since Antifa does not exist as on organization outside of how prosecutors will use RICO to establish it as such.

Remember, there were very few Antifa manifestations, largely these were carried out under the BLM banner and using BLM funding to acquire permits, pay for police overtime where applicable, funds for city clean-up afterwards, and BLM funds for legal needs were used a well. Regarding property damage, there will no doubt be strong evidence revealed that large property investment firms involved in urban renewal and gentrification projects had, at the very least, foreknowledge that arson-riots would ensue.

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