‘Heinous’: Deadly Israeli attack on Gaza aid-seekers condemned


Leaders from Palestine and neighbouring countries speak out against the ‘massacre’ of more than 100 people seeking aid.

The Gaza Ministry of Health said at least 112 people were killed and more than 750 wounded, and called on the international community to “urgently intervene” to forge a ceasefire as “the only way to protect civilians”.

“The killing of this large number of innocent civilian victims who risked their livelihood is an integral part of the genocidal war committed by the occupation government against our people,” Abbas’s office was quoted by the Wafa news agency as saying.

“Israeli occupation authorities bear full responsibility and will be held accountable before international courts.”

Palestinian group Hamas called the attack “a heinous massacre added to the long series of massacres committed by the criminal Zionist entity against our Palestinian people”.

In a statement, the group, which is fighting Israel in Gaza, said the deadly attack on aid-seekers was “unprecedented in the history of war crimes” and was part of Israel’s “war of starvation” against Palestinians in the enclave.

It called on the United Nations Security Council and Arab states to take decisions obligating Israel to stop its mass killings, ethnic cleansing, genocide and violations of international law in Gaza.

Hamas also said it holds Israel and the United States administration under President Joe Biden responsible for the escalation of the war.


Reader comment from Moon of Alabama blog:

A very neat way to raise the dirty finger towards the International Court of Justice, who had ordered Israel to submit within four weeks of the ruling issued Jan 26th on how it intends to prove compliance with anti-genocide-laws, to preserve evidence of potential war crimes, and to ensure sufficient humanitarian aid.

Israel delivered its answer in the form of bombs on starving civilians approaching food trucks.

The United States of America will join Israel in raising its own fingers by vetoing any UN-Sanctions intended to force Israel to stop butchering civilians.

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