Hamas: Winning By Not Losing


Hamas: winning by not losing

I have studied various martial arts.  The last one was Shorinji Kenpo, which is a mixture of Shaolin kung fu and Aiki-Jutsu, with some Zen thrown in.

In every session, our teacher would give us a short lecture.

One day he said, “Martial arts teach you to win.  But how do you win if your opponent is bigger than you and stronger and more skilled?  How do you win against more than one opponent?  Or an opponent with a weapon?”

There was silence.

The teacher continued, “You win by not losing– you have to learn to duck and dodge, break away, get out of reach – and, if necessary, escape.  Before you learn to kick or punch or throw, you need to learn how to get away”.

“If your opponent cannot hit you as he intends, he will get angrier and more emotional and exhaust himself. At the moment, he shows confusion—you have won.”

“At some point he makes a mistake which you can use.  To win by “not losing”, don’t rely on force– rely on head and heart”.

“And always practice against a stronger opponent.”

And that is how Hamas is winning.  By not losing.  By using “head and heart”.

Israel and the US are already confused.



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