Good old guns suddenly replace liberal values in this Blue state

After months of embracing criminal reform, which had a knack for keeping criminals on the streets, California’s elite are taking measures – like panic-buying guns – that show they’re not so different from conservatives after all.

by Robert Bridge

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ How Corporations and Their Political Servants are Destroying the American Dream. @Robert_Bridge

Aside from arming themselves, Californians are investing heavily into expensive security accessories, like bullet-proof cars, safe rooms inside of their homes, bunkers, and private security firms to patrol their neighborhoods around the clock. And not a little ironically, considering the Democratic Party’s move to grant thousands of illegal migrants entry into the US from south of the Rio Grande, palatial properties are being surrounded with barbed wire fences, security cameras, motion detectors, and large dogs.

With no loss of hypocrisy, wealthy liberal homeowners can readily appreciate the importance of protecting their homes with every technological innovation under the sun, yet when it comes to protecting the American border they defer to the vacuous platitudes of political correctness.


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