Gloating neocons proposing ideological genocide hint at what’s really on the menu when Biden ‘builds back better’

Helen Buyniski

is an American journalist and political commentator at RT. Follow her on Twitter @velocirapture23

The apparent victory of Democrat Joe Biden over President Donald Trump has triggered Pavlovian salivating from neoliberal centrists who’ve pinned every wrong on Trump – and now demand the total destruction of his supporters.

Not just Trump, but his backers in the Republican Party and the everyday “deplorables” who post favorably about him must be destroyed, the narrative managers have decreed. Demanding what sounds for all the world like a Stalinist purge, they have raised a cry of “Never Again” – as if the Trump administration’s crimes were any worse than those of his predecessors. The aim of the anti-Trump #Resistance has shifted from removing him from office to ensuring all traces of the ideas he brought into mainstream discourse be destroyed forever, full stop.

Salting the earth

Given that half the electorate voted for him – twice – this is no less than a declaration of civil war, and its proponents are leaving little doubt as to their intentions. The Intercept, recently exposed by co-founder Glenn Greenwald as little more than a pro-Biden information-laundering facility, declared that, with Trump, “all of America faced a great historical test, and almost all of America failed completely.” Truly, “almost all of America” must be punished.

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