German Train System Turning into Life-Threatening ‘Battlefield’ Due to Violent Migrants, Warns Head of Regional Rail Union

By John Cody, Remix, May 13, 2024

“How can you expect citizens of this country to be open to the refugee policy that is being practiced when it happens — practically every day, and not just on public transport! — that we have to witness such violence, brutalization and absolute contempt for our laws and society?”

Ramelow and other politicians have responded that they will increase police controls on the troubled rail lines and hire more security guards, and they promise to meet with union representatives every three months to monitor the situation.

The German rail union head in Thuringia, however, has her doubts, saying: “Politicians have shown understanding and promised support, but we now finally want to see the facts!” She argues it is not yet clear where the money or staff will come from to help protect train workers. She is calling for more prosecutions and more enforcement of the existing laws.

She also said that although her union’s comments may be construed as “right-wing” or “xenophobic,” she argues that there needs to be an honest discussion about issues that are clear as day for Germany’s train workers, as they are on the frontline of some of the worst violence facing public workers.

With crime soaring due to rising immigration numbers, police and security forces are stretched at all levels — not just in the train system. Recently released statistics from the German Interior Ministry show that migrants account for a record 41 percent of all crime in Germany, with their role in violent crimes such as rape, murder and assault even higher.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD), which argues for strict migration controls into Germany, has responded to the plea for help from Germany’s rail workers, writing: “The railway and transport union in Thuringia is sounding the alarm: Train attendants and railway employees are regularly attacked, spat on, insulted, threatened or beaten.” The party argued that these workers would be safe “only with us,” if the AfD is able to gain political power.

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