Gen Z is headed for a career calamity

By Ed Zitron  July 17, 2023

While tackling grunt work and hoping to learn a job via osmosis isn’t a great way to start a career, corporate America has left young workers with few other options. Over the past several decades, many companies have gutted training programs, neglected mentorship, and taken no responsibility for fostering workers’ development. Now, with the advent of generative AI, organizations are starting to automate many “junior” tasks — stripping away their dubious last attempt to “teach” young employees. It’s no wonder that several surveys have found that members of Gen Z are particularly concerned about AI’s effect on their careers; in a recent survey by the job-posting site ZipRecruiter, 76% of Gen Zers indicated they were worried about losing their jobs to ChatGPT.


America’s young workers are headed toward a career calamity. They may be more comfortable using ChatGPT and other AI technology than their older coworkers, but the managerial obsession with artificial intelligence threatens to undermine their ability to launch a career. Management spent decades disconnecting themselves from the younger workers who are the backbone of their businesses. And if these executives already won’t train their junior employees, it’s no surprise they’re ready to get rid of them altogether.

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