Off-Guardian ‘This Week in the New Normal #42’

What is undeniably true is that it re-establishes Trump as the “drain the swamp” candidate. It ingratiates him with the anti-establishment right while giving the pro-establishment left something to cheer.

It’s a calculated move. Handing ammunition to both sides ahead of the next presidential election.

On the one side, you have the “Democrat” voters so conditioned by “Orange Man Bad” that they’ll cheer on anything done by anyone to target the man, no matter how dystopian or anti-democratic it is. That includes show trials, government raids, and any other authoritarian crackdowns you can think of.

On the other side, you have “Republicans” incensed at their figurehead’s treatment and becoming increasingly angry at the state of the country, economy and world in general. Their anger is fostered and encouraged so it can eventually be directed by a tool of state who makes sure it never threatens the real problem – this tool could be Trump or someone else.

This anger is then used as a pretext to promote fear of “domestic terrorism”, stage some “terrorist incidents” and further justify political and social media crackdowns on various civil rights (we’ve already seen “online threats turn to real world violence”).


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