Extreme covid fascism in Lithuania is making it impossible for the unvaccinated to live

(Natural News) The Baltic country of Lithuania has entered its eighth week of highly restrictive “Covid Pass” tyranny, and the fascism is off the charts.

According to reports, the unvaccinated in that country face increasing ostracization and banishment from normal society. They are being deprived of medicine, fuel and food – basically all the things they need in order to live.

The non-jabbed are also being raided by undercover police officers, intimidated in public, openly hated and blasted by the media. Lithuania has become a hellish landscape for the non-compliant, in other words.

Right now, Lithuania is said to have the strictest Covid Pass regime in all of Europe. And there is no end in sight as things get worse and worse by the day.

“With no Pass, my wife and I may only enter small shops which mainly sell food, pharma, optics, or farm / pet goods,” a Lithuanian man reported. “We’re banned everywhere else.”

As of this writing, those without a Covid Pass in Lithuania are not allowed to enter shopping centers or large supermarkets. They are also banned from entering clothing stores.

“Even second-hand stores must enforce the banishment,” reports explain. “No one may buy or sell without the Pass.” (RELATED: Just as we warned, Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are rapidly becoming the Mark of the Beast.)


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