Dutch farmers are fed up with totalitarianism rebranded as “Climate Change”

By Olivia Murray

The ‘Climate Change’ agenda is a global, existential threat to prosperity and freedom from tyranny – nowhere else is that more apparent right now than in the small European country of the Netherlands. Under the tutelage of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte became a “golden pin-up boy” for the Agenda 2030 cause. Rowan Dean, a reporter for Australian outlet Sky News said:

Currently the Dutch government is embarked upon insane efforts to slash greenhouse gases [sic] and reduce the amount of nitrogen ammonia in the soil by 30 to 70 percent by 2030….

The Netherlands House of Representatives has released a state which said: ‘The honest message is that not all farmers will continue in business. Those who do will have to farm differently.’

In practice, the government’s plans could mandate farmers to use less fertilizer, and quell their livestock herds. In response, farmers are resisting en masse – blocking supermarkets, distribution centers, and key infrastructure.


As O’Neill noted, it’s not just the Dutch rising up against the beast of Green fanaticism and the “Cult of Net Zero” – but the French and Sri Lankans too. ‘Progressive’ environmentalism has gone over like a lead balloon with ordinary, working-class people – as it turns out, they’re more concerned with economic stability, food security, and an optimal standard of living than supporting totalitarianism and the narcissism of the global elites.

Dutch farmers block highway
Dutch farmers block highway




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