Donald Trump: ‘Everything Woke Turns to Shit’

by Charlie Spiering

President Donald Trump criticized the growing “woke” culture in America at a political rally in Alabama on Saturday.

“You know what woke means. It means you’re a loser,” Trump said. “It’s true. Everything woke turns to shit. It’s true. Look at what’s happening.”

The former president played a clip of a speech delivered by actor George C. Scott from the movie Patton before beginning his rally, recalling the fighting spirit of America in World War II.

“Do you think that General Patton was woke? I don’t think so,” Trump said to the crowd, and added, “He was the exact opposite.”

Trump criticized the “wokeness” in the military, alluding to a growing number of generals focusing on “white rage” and critical race theory.

“We’re getting tired of the woke generals that we have right?” he asked, pointing to the failure of the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

He criticized the military for moving troops out of Afghanistan before they moved out American civilians and for leaving $83 billion of military equipment behind.

Trump also recalled the violent protests during the Summer of 2020 and the growing leftist agenda protesting and tearing down statues of American heroes.

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