Disgraced Rolling Stone Magazine Forced to Issue Humiliating ‘Nazi/DeSantis’ Correction


Over the weekend, a group of neo-Nazis gathered outside Orlando, Florida, to do whatever these left-wing* idiots do when they gather (it looked to me like they were aping a WWE press conference). Most wore masks. A few didn’t. It’s all so dumb.

In its original report published Sunday, Rolling Stone lied to its readers about how these Nazis were out to support Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). DeSantis is currently running for president, and establishment toadies like Rolling Stone hate him as much as former President Trump.

Far-left Rolling Stone was forced to issue a correction and delete the tweet:

UPDATE 9/4/23 11:52pm: The original version of this article quoted a marcher as saying, “We’re all DeSantis supporters!” without including his second remark, “Fuck Ron DeSantis! Ron DeSantis is a joke. Ron DeSantis is a joke.” The story has been updated.



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