Der Impfpass – A Kafkian short story

TE Creus

Someone must have slandered Josef K, for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.

His landlady, Frau Grubach, had a cook who brought him breakfast each day around eight, but this time she didn’t appear. Instead, there were two gentlemen in dark grey clothes standing by the door.

“May we see your vaccine passport?” they asked.

Josef K, who was an unemployed bachelor and kept mostly at home, wasn’t aware that he should have taken any kind of vaccine, much less carry a “vaccine passport” with him, a concept which he didn’t really understand even though the two gentlemen explained it to him in utmost detail.

After denying having a vaccine passport, certificate, QR-code, or any proof of current and up-to-date vaccination, the two gentlemen declared his arrest.

“But why am I being arrested?” asked Josef K, timidly and politely, as he hated being rude even to strangers who woke him up early in the morning unannounced.

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