Debanking: No Return to Politics, But a Crusade Against Cashless Society, Says Farage


Speaking to GBNews on Wednesday, Mr Farage said that banks were becoming political organisations, with customers who didn’t come up to the moral standards held by the bank’s executives face being “excluded”. He has warned in particular that banks are starting to monitor the social media use of their customers, which if not stopped suggests massive potential for harm in the future given the importance of having access to a bank account is to existing in an increasingly cashless society.Even buying a train ticket, he observed, requires a bank card now as so few opportunities to pay with cash now exist, a situation which will be considerably exacerbated if plans to replace all ticket offices in the country with unmanned ticket machines proceed.

Banking is now an essential service, just like water. And for [the now-resigned Natwest CEO] to say in this statement that they’re propud of the help they’ve given to families and businesses, it’s quite the reverse. The whole banking culture has gone rotten. We need big changes in the law, and ultimately where I want to get to with this campaign — and I’m not going to rest — I want to get to the point that we used to have where everybody in this country has a right to a bank account… that is my long-term aim.

Many of the issues at stake directly interface with the notion of a Great Reset-style cashless society, shepherded into existence with the assistance of controversial Central Bank Digital Currencies. As reported previously: “The Bank of England has also admitted that a digital pound could be “programmable“, meaning that the government could potentially add mechanisms to prevent people from spending their own money on things the state disapproves.”


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