COVID and the Law of Karma

by Guy Crittenden

It’s a spiritual battle. Most spiritual leaders have failed us.

COVID and the Law of Karma It’s a spiritual battle. Most spiritual leaders have failed us.

Guy Crittenden

Let’s face it: many spiritual practitioners don’t have much of a ground game, at least when it comes to fighting totalitarian takeovers.

I’ve seen this writ small and large since the COVID operation started in early 2020. Many spiritual friends have been missing in action, unable to handle “the energy” of protest rallies. I appreciate that raising their frequency in private could shift things, but a lot of people (including children) may perish before the good vibes make a difference.

On the writ large level, I won’t soon forget seeing photos of Sadhguru hanging out with World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab.


Shifting east, karma is a big topic.

Its lean Zen Buddhist conception will serve us here, as opposed to the complicated ideas of, say, Tibetan Buddhism, which focuses on cycles of death and rebirth, and incorporates deities from earlier shamanic practices.

For Zen practitioners, karma is a forthright law that corresponds with the notion in physics that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Even if I escape punishment in human institutions for some misdeed, any harm I do to another being puts me out of harmony with the way of things; I disrupt a cosmic homeostasis.

If, for instance, I steal without getting caught, I’m punished nonetheless living in a world where stealing happens — a world in which “I have stolen.” And this is more corrosive than judicial punishments, from a spiritual perspective.

With sufficient conscious evolution, we humans wouldn’t need laws to govern behaviour, much less police to enforce them. (This is what serious anarchists think.) Instead, our spiritual poverty, our conscious stuntedness, has led to a Pied Piper hell realm where kids contract myocarditis and Australia’s First People are trucked to internal displacement camps.

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