Covid-19: Fear, Anxiety and Voodoo Death

Ryan Matters

Death counters, case counters, faulty tests to inflate death numbers, footage of patients on ventilators, apparent corpses on the streets in Wuhan, and highly transmissible “variants”.   What do all these things have in common? They cause fear and anxiety. They are devices used to not only weave a narrative but to instill a belief in people’s minds of a new and dangerous disease.  As will become evident, this incessant fear-porn can be likened to a form of “black magic”, causing suffering and death in its own right, which, as well shall see, is a curious yet well-documented and very “real” phenomenon.


The concept of “voodoo death” or “psychic death” has been observed for hundreds of years. It is a phenomenon whereby a person (often a member of a tribe or primitive community) is brought to death by means of a “spell”, or the use of “black magic”. This phenomenon has been observed by anthropologists, doctors and explorers all over the world, in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America and Haiti.

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  1. Voodoo is more real, than the virus that has never been isolated. Yet, nobody questions that. What kind of leaders do we have that do not research the problems that they supposedly face. What kind of scientists and doctors do we have that don’t question the orthodoxy of medicine. Surely they can see how ridged and confined medical dogma is. How do they think new discoveries are made? Simple, it’s by questioning the dogma. Thus we have virus “discoveries” that have never had control experiments. They all assume controls were put in place, but non have; a la Dr. Stephan Lanka proving measles doesn’t exist. But do you think and of these leaders, scientists or doctors know this? Not a single one.

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