Corporate Media Threaten to Blacklist Parler and Substack for Refusing to Blacklist

John Nolte [Breitbart]

Those of us paying attention can see exactly what’s happening to Parler and Substack. The corporate media are now looking to deplatform platforms that refuse to deplatform. Put another way, the corporate media are looking to blacklist and bully platforms that refuse to blacklist and bully.

Whether or not President Donald Trump ends up winning a second term, 2020 was a major wipeout for the corporate media, proof of their almost non-existent influence. So more than ever, they are desperate to recapture that influence by eliminating competition in the war of ideas, by creating a monopoly where only their ideas are allowed.

As fascist, far-left  media outlets like Vox, the New Yorker, the Intercept, etc., chase talent away with their blacklisting of ideas; and as fascist social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter chase users away with their blacklisting of ideas and people, the blacklisted and those who fear being blacklisted, are seeking platforms that do not engage in blacklisting.

Two recent examples: a whole lot of Twitter users are moving over to Parler, and those fleeing the Woke Fascism currently eating its way through corporate-run “journalism” like a bone cancer  — leftists like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Yglesias and aging conspiracy theorists like Andrew Sullivan — are heading over to Substack.

Naturally, the preening and insecure fascists in the corporate media are not happy about any of this. The Twitter alternative, Parler, has been under attack for more than a week now. Parler’s sin? Well, at Parler, you’re allowed to say whatever you want  without fear of being canceled, blacklisted, censored, shadow-banned, or whatever.

Oh, no! You mean people can say whatever they want… In America!? How can this be!

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