Coronavirus: Gun Sales EXPLODE to 2.5 Million in March, Making Leftist Heads Explode

by Selwyn Duke
Thursday, 02 April 2020

It isn’t only toilet paper manufacturers prospering in our virus-scare ravaged economy. Guns are also flying off the shelves as common people’s common sense tells them something PC government won’t: Emergency supplies won’t help you in bad times if bad actors can just steal them from you.

In fact, firearm sales increased 83 percent this March relative to last March, with handgun purchases up 91 percent, rifle sales rising 73 percent, and background checks spiking 94 percent.

In raw numbers, this equates to March 2020 sales of 2,583,328 firearms in total, according to Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting. This includes 1,534,000 handguns and 835,663 rifles, reports the Washington Examiner.

(Presumably, the difference between the firearm total and handgun/rifle total is accounted for by shotguns, though this is unclear.)

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