CONfidence game: Harris gaslights voters with pretend facts on Trump’s finances, Russia, fracking and economy to sail through debate

Kamala Harris has come a long way – if Joe Biden wins and is unable to serve a full term, she could become president of the most powerful nation on Earth – largely on her ability to look people in the eye and confidently lie.

That ability was front and center in Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate, where Harris told bold fib after fib with scarcely a blink and got little pushback from Mike Pence. In the end, she walked off relatively unscathed and, of course, won praise from her adoring mainstream media, which has always loved her more than voters.

The first egregious deception came when Harris feigned outrage over last month’s New York Times non-bombshell about President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Harris could barely contain herself waiting for friendly moderator Susan Page to spit out the rest of the question, setting up her rehearsed attack on Trump’s loans.

Just so everyone is clear, when we say in debt, it means you owe money to somebody,” Harris condescended as she accented her point by nodding her head. “And it’d be really good to know who the president of the United States, the commander in chief, owes money to because the American people have a right to know. What is influencing the president’s decisions, and is he making those decisions on the best interest of the American people, of you, or self-interest?

Turns out the government already thought of that and realized the people’s right to know. As Harris, of all people, would know, such information is publicly available at our fingertips. Holders of high office, including the president, must file annual financial disclosures, including information on their borrowings. Senators, including Harris, also have to submit such filings.


But the damage was done. People who may need help understanding the definition of debt or bounties were already convinced. Tell your story with this much confidence – with this much rhythmic hand gesturing, pleading eyes and an almost total absence of flinching – and it must be true. And if it’s not, Harris will confidently tell us in some future debate that she never said such a thing.

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