COLLAPSE of Democrat-run cities now imminent as TRUCKERS say they will refuse delivering to cities with de-funded police

God bless the truckers! News is breaking today that nearly 4 out of 5 truckers across America will refuse to make deliveries to cities where Democrats have de-funded or abolished the police.

The mad violence, looting and “reparations” demands of lunatic Left-wing terrorist groups means that trucks full of supplies are among the high-risk targets. Truck drivers aren’t fools, and they are increasingly deciding to avoid carrying loads into cities where anarchy-oriented Leftists / Democrats are de-funding or abolishing police.

Just yesterday, the city council of Minneapolis voted to completely disband the police department. Once implemented, this will plunge Minneapolis into a third world scenario of lawlessness and total chaos, perhaps making Ilhan Omar feel right at home as she successfully brings the lawlessness of her home country to America. (Fact: Minneapolis, with an enormous number of immigrants from Somalia, is now the No. 1 radical Islamic terrorism recruitment city in America.)

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